This project crept up on me! Late January 2012 while waiting to see my first, newly born grandchild in Homerton Hospital in London, I came across a car boot sale where I was drawn to a beautiful little  Chinese porcelain pot with handpainted decoration, I bought it for 50p and put it in my bag and thought no more about it, well I had more exciting things on my mind!  On returning home to Aberdeen I discovered the pot at the bottom of my bag, it was placed with other small ceramic pieces I have collected.

   The little Chinese pot 

Over the next few weeks I realised my eyes kept being drawn to this little pot and I felt inspired to do something special with it, after much consideration i decided to make 100 similar shaped porcelain pots.


  Pots in the studio

Each potwould be unique and they would be displayed together as a piece. The making, firing and glazing took some time, I then numbered and signed each one, every pot also has a small numbered certificate inside.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Individual hanging porcelain pots

On the weekend of September 28 & 29, 2013 the porcelain pots were revealed as part of my participation in PLAYpark. (This was a two-day arts programme transforming the currently inactive environment at Aberdeen's  Rubislaw Terrace Gardens into an artistic space, showcasing a variety of cross art forms.)

At PLAYpark  the Porcelain Pot Project became interactive, the pots were purchased for £3 each + a word, some children added drawings which is a special bonus! 


Choosing at pot at PLAYpark

The next stage of the Porcleain Pot Project will be driven by this collection of words and drawings, I hope you will watch this space to find out what they inspire me to make next and THANK YOU for participating.